Engineers and scientists deditated to the Georgia agricultural communuty

The University of Georgia Agriculture Technical Assistance Program is partnership between the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) and the College of Engineering (CENGR). The mission of AgTAP is to coordinate with UGA faculty, specialists and county Extension agents to serve Georgia and enable agricultural producers, industries, and communities to address the technical and engineering challenges of today and meet the economic, environmental and social needs of tomorrow.


Find solutions and make connections to serve Georgia's agricultural communities

AgTAP integrates with UGA Extension to help meet the Extension Program goal of extending lifelong learning to the people of Georgia through unbiased, research-based education in agriculture, the environment, communities, youth and families.

To achieve this mission AgTAP is committed to:

  • Develop and maintain modern, state-of-the-art communication and delivery methods to provide accurate, relevant and timely information and technical assistance to solve engineering and technical issues.

  • Connect agriculture stakeholders to needed engineering and technology-based resources at UGA or at other institutions, organization or businesses.

  • Promote environmental and economic sustainability by assisting stakeholders with resource efficiency and regulatory compliance.